Doug Jackson - The March to Mons Graupius

November 20 | 19:30 - 20:30

Doune Adults Panel Event / Author Reading History, Local Interest, Scots

Douglas Jackson is the author of fifteen published novels. He is a former journalist and lives in Bridge of Allan. His troubled hero, Gaius Valerius Verrens, takes on the mighty Caledonian leader - and Scotland's first known rebel - Calgacus, in the ninth outing of the Hero of Rome series. As the north of Britannia comes into contact with the invading Romans for the first time, Calgacus and his warriors harry Governor Julius Agricola's advancing legions every step of the way, forcing Agricola to consolidate his gains and build forts like the cavalry post at Doune to protect his supply lines. Valerius's Ninth legion faces peril in the Highland glens, but the Roman advance is inexorable, the final climactic meeting inevitable. But what if the writer faces as many challenges as the adversaries he portrays? What happens if he comes to mistrust his primary source and begins to wonder if there is such a thing as truth when it comes to the historical record? We will find out on the March to Mons Graupius.

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