A Journey into the Moorland Year with Robin A. Crawford

November 19 | 14:30 - 15:30

Dundee Adults Panel Event / Author Reading Scottish Writers

The peatlands of the Outer Hebrides are half land, half water. Their surface is a glorious tweed woven from tiny, living mosses rich in wildlife, but underneath is layer upon layer transforming into peat. For time immemorial, the peatlands have been places - for humans at least - of seasonal habitation, but not of constant residence. In his book Into the Peatlands, Robin explores the Peatlands over the course of the year, explaining how they have come to be and examining how peat was used from the Bronze Age onwards. In describing the seasonal processes of cutting, drying, stacking, storing and burning, he reveals one of the key rhythms of island life, but his study goes well beyond this to include many other aspects, including the wildlife and folklore associated with these lonely, watery places. Refreshments available.

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Arthurstone Community Library

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